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In this course you will learn the 12 steps to help you write killer sales copy to better convert all leads into sales.

Inside Your Will Find:

- The Importance of Great Sales Copywriting
- What Exactly Is Sales Copywriting?
- Why Do You Need To Learn To Be A Good Sales Copywriter?
- 12 Steps to Creating Great Online Sales Copy
- Killer Headlines
- How To Introduce Yourself
- Tell A Good Story For Your Product
- How To Reveal Your Product
- How To Show Results
- Talk About Your Offer
- Connect With The Buyer On Their Level
- Seal The Deal
- Close The Sale
- Call To Actions

Retail Value - $17

Learn about multi-level marketing and how it can help you and your business to develop exponentially.

Here's a list of everything you will learn inside this bonus:

- The Multilevel Marketing Concept
- Understanding the MLM Situation and Opportunities
- Understanding the MLM Model
- Tips to Develop Appropriate Compensation Plan
- How to Find a Good MLM Business
- Multilevel Marketing versus Traditional Marketing
- How to Improve Your Multilevel Marketing Skills
- Essentials of MLM Business
- The Legality of Multi level Marketing
- Online Multi Level Marketing Opportunities
- Relationship Building through Multilevel Marketing
- Generating Leads
- Measuring Multilevel Marketing Performance
- Advantages of Multi-level Marketing
- Why MLM Goes Wrong- the Company’s Perspective
- Secrets of Multi-level Marketing

Retail Value - $17

This is a brand-new, extremely valuable digital course packed with knowledge about list building.

Here’s exactly what you will discover inside this bonus:

- The actual reasons of why you need to start building a list right now
- How to pick the best autoresponder service for your marketing strategy

- How to avoid common mistakes
- What is an opt-in form and how to make it attractive for your visitors
- How to use list segmentation to increase the relevance of your email campaigns and the open rate
- What’s the difference between plain text and HTML emails and when you should use each type
- How to structure your email to turn the readers into customers
- How to write attention grabbing subject lines that will force your subscribers to click on it
- How to build trust and your personal brand and use it to make 
even more profits
- What is tracking and why it’s so important for your campaigns

Retail Value - $17

Write your heart out and profit from it. Make money from your blogs now, following this all in one course:

- What Is A Niche Website?
- Why Start A Niche Blog?
- How To Get Started?
- How To Find Content For Your Blog?
- The Importance Of Keywords

- How To Convert Your Blog Visitors Into Leads
- Ways To Make Money From Niche Websites

Retail Value - $17

A bigger list equates to bigger earnings.
Start building your new list in just 30 days!

Here's Everything You're About To Learn:

- Creating A Lead Magnet For Your Emails
- Setup Your Autoresponder Account

- What To Avoid When Creating An Email
- Follow Up Emails
- Setup Squeeze Page (Landing Page)
- Writing A Killer Blog Post or Article To Capture Emails
- Check Your Stats
- Choose Your Preferred Traffic Method
- Create An Infographic

- Email Ad Swap

Retail Value - $17

Learn the ins and outs of email list building. This bonus will show you the proper ways to begin building your list, forming a relationship with your customers, and getting them to trust you so that they will be more likely to purchase products and services you recommend to them. 

Additionally you will be shown what to avoid so your reputation isn't damaged and people unsuscribe from your email list.

Retail Value - $17

Jumpstart your internet marketing business with the core knowledge that every marketer should have:
- How to Start an Internet Marketing Business
- Find a Need and Meet it
- Find The Demands of Your Target Audience
- Build Your Business Website
- How To Use Tools to Build a Website
- How To Use Search Engine Techniques
- Build Your Business Reputation
- Basics Of Email Marketing
- Understanding Your Niche

Retail Value - $17

Get ready to integrate your own chatbox to your business now!

Chat with all your website visitors while capturing their contact details. Convert them into potential customers and generate sales opportunities through a personalized and fluid dialogue.

Here's what you will find inside this bonus:

- What Is A ChatBot
- Why Do You Need A Chatbot
- Benefits of Chatbots
- How To Integrate Your Own ChatBot

- Ways to Use Chatbots
- Chatbot Solutions

Retail Value - $17

Learn Unique Affiliate Secrets And Start Earning Money Online. Here's A Brief Description Of Everything You Are Going To Learn:

- What is Affiliate Marketing and Why You Should Take Notice?
- Affiliate Marketing – The Reality
- A Quick Set-Up to Start Earning Money RIGHT NOW!
- Building Your Empire – Setting Up the Essentials
- Promoting Your Brand and Building Trust – From Content Marketing to List Building and Social Media
- How to Create Stunning Content That Gets Shares, Likes and Conversions
- Working the Emotions: Value Propositions and More
- An Introduction to the Most Popular Affiliate Networks And Other Options
- How to Choose Products That Will Bring You Massive Commissions
- Building and Using a Mailing List to Promote Affiliate Offers
- Advanced Techniques – Flyers, AdSwaps, Influencer Marketing and More
- Safeguarding Your Affiliate Links Using Cloakers and Redirects
- Your Complete Plan for Affiliate Marketing Domination

Retail Value - $17

Introducing Building the Perfect Sales Funnels. Here's a list of the topics that you are about to learn:

- What Is A Sales Funnel?
- Sales funnel planning
- What is Internet Commerce
- What Can I Sell On Internet
- The Link Between Products, Key Words, and Prospects
- The Front and Back of Sales Funnels
- Sales Funnel Success
- Sales Funnel Planning
- Putting Your Theory to Practice
- Content Marketing
- Article Marketing
- Marketing Offline
- Google's Adwords Program
- Measuring Success
- Top Sales Funnel Products

Retail Value - $17

Ecommerce Niches Will Help You Find The Most Profitable Niches For Your eCom And Save You Days Of Research That Otherwise You Would Have Spent Without Great Results.

Here's A Sneak Peek Of Everything You Will learn Inside This Course:
- Helpful Resources For Your Ecommerce Niche
- How To Find Hot Niches For Your eCommerce Business
- Seasonal Products And Hot Sellers
- Where To Find Products For Your Hot Niches
- Market Research For Niche Selection
- Cheap Niches With High Profits
- Hook People with Disposable Products

Retail Value - $17

Video Marketing Made Easy Contains Secret Tips To Improve You Video Marketing Like A Pro Today! Inside You Will Find 14 Hd Videos With Over 70 Minutes Of Step By Step Content. Here’s The Breakdown:

In Video #1:
You Will Have A Detailed Explanation Of What You Will Be Learning With At The End Of The Training, That Way You Can Have A Clear Vision Of What To Expect From The Video Training.

Video #2:
You Will Learn What Video Marketing Is All About, How Is Generally Used And What Kinds Of Videos Are Perfect For Marketing Purposes.

In Video #3:
You Will Learn Why Video Marketing Is Such An Amazing Shortcut To Take Your Profits To Another Level, Thanks To The Extremely Targeted Traffic You Can Get. Additionally You Will Be Shown Up To 15 Shocking Facts That Will Open Your Eyes To The Immense Power Of Videos For Marketing Nowadays.

In Video #4:
You Will See How Big Business Are Using Videos In Their Marketing Campaigns And Replicate Their Methods.

In Video #5:
You Will Learn About The Top Video Sharing Sites, What Their Benefits Are, As Well As How Each And Every One Of Them Can Help You To Get The Most Out Of Video Advertising For Your Offline Or Online Business Success.

In Video #6:
You Will Learn About The Best Video Marketing Tools That You Can Start Using Even If You Haven’t Created A Single Video In Your Life.

From Video #7 To #10:
You Will Learn How To Do Video Marketing The Right Way From Start To Finish Using The Most Effective And Easy To Apply Methods. We Will Cover Topics Like Creating, Uploading, Optimizing And Advertising Your Videos.

In Video #11:
You Will Learn About Effective Tricks That You Can Apply To Definitely See Some Great Results In Your Video Marketing Campaigns. 

In Video #12:
You Will Learn About The Hottest Ways To Use Video For Marketing, So You Don’t Have To Be On Your Own Out There Trying To Figure Out What’s Actually Working Nowadays.

In Video #13:
You Will Learn About A Few Really Nice And Shocking Video Marketing Case Studies. These Are Actual Examples Taken From Internet To Show You How Video Marketing Actually Works.

In Video #14:
You Will Get A List Of Everything You Should Include In Your Videos And A List Of Everything You Should Avoid When Doing Video Marketing.

Retail Value - $47

Get Access to 2500+ HD premium videos (Includes Content For All Kind Of Niches) With Over 10GB of High Quality Content.

This Is A Sneak Peek 2500+ HD Premium Videos:
- Easily Add Background Music and/or Voiceover To Any Of These Videos
- Use The Videos As Background Templates For Your Social Media Videos, Product Sales Videos Or Presentations.

- Editable Raw Videos To Add Any Kind Of Text Or Pictures To Them
- 4K Background Videos
- Viral Motivational Videos For Social Media
- Easy Download Access
- Sell Or Giveaway The Videos for High Profits

Retail Value - $67

Welcome to Diamond eCommerce! In this course you will learn everything necessary to help you to reach immediate success with Ecom. You'll learn premium strategies and implement them into your own stores.

What You'll Learn:


- Fullfiling Your First Order
- The Two Biggest No Sale Problems Solved
- How To Get People To Take Action Right Now
- Get Sales On an Average Product in a Competitive Niche
- A List of High Profit Niches to Jump Into

- 3 Secret Websites For Quality Product Designs
- Secret Software To Automate Your Sales/Growth
- How To Create High Quality Product Images Using 2 Online Tools.
- A Unique Shipping Strategy That Increases Conversions
- Improve Reviews Of Your Ecom Products

Retail Value - $197

This MASSIVE DEAL Closes When
The Timer Reaches Zero


You missed out!

Proto (FE + Unlimited) + InstaWrapper (FE + PRO)

Actual Retail Price Including Bonuses- $622.00

Total Discount Applied = 97.58%

Total Savings = $607.00