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About the Author Frank Andres

I'm totally obsessed with finding simple marketing strategies that are applicable by anyone regardless of skill.. My main marketing goal is to find what works best, put it into practice and share them with my readers :) That's why I like to give. Giving is the most powerful marketing and relationship building method period. Thank you for letting me share how I make my online income by giving away premium free goodies. ~Frank Andres "The Giveaway Guy"

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Dennis Knudsen says October 16, 2017

Hi Frank. Thanks for the info! BTW- Your BEST investment is in your lovely family!!!

Sithini Mahola says October 16, 2017

Thank you sooo much for these tools. I have never seen anything like this!I just want to lock myself inside my study room and try these out. And the resell softwares!wooow!God bless you Frank.

Jeffrey Storrs says November 3, 2017

Frank you are straight up. NO BS and I like that. I know I need a kick in the rear also but
I am going to make 2018 my best year ever and you are going to be one of the reasons for my success! Oh, I want to say thanks to Alicia also.
Starting Monday>>>Although I am experienced, LOL; I am dedicating myself to learning as much as I can from Frank and using what I can to increase my Livelihood.

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