Introducing: *WORLD'S FIRST* 3-In-One Video, Voice & Screen Capture Solution That KILLS Long Contact Forms & Boring Bots...

Automatically Transform ANY Website Into An Interactive Video Messaging Sales, Lead & Conversion Machine With Just One Single Line of Code…

Instant Customer InterActions
With All—In-One VIDEO MESSAGING, Voicemail & Screen Capture
On ANY Site, Store Or Blog With Just One Single Line Of Code.

Check Out How Much Our Early Adopters LOVE InterAction

& The Results It's Giving Them

  • World First: The First & Only Platform Of It’s Kind That Allows You To Directly Interact, Lead Capture & Engage With Your Visitors & Explode Your Profits Via On Page Screen Recording, Voice Mail & Video Messages.
  • Skyrocket Your Profits: SELL InterAction Services To Local Businesses & Clients & Earn Top Dollars - Earn $1000 - $2500 PER CLIENT (Brand New Service WITH Huge Market & Literally Zero Competition)
  • Stupidly Easy: All It Takes Is One Single Line Of Code
  • 3 Types Of InterActive Messaging All Under One Roof: Your Customers & Potential Customers Will LOVE: VIDEO MESSAGING, SCREEN RECORD & VOICEMAIL.
  • Get ‘Real Time’ Notifications Every Time You Get A Video, Voice Or Screen Message: And keep track of all of your received and sent messages in one place.
  • Respond Via The Method Of YOUR Choice: It’s a two-way street. No matter how your prospects reach out to you - You can choose YOUR FAVOURITE method from video message, voicemail and screen capture to reply.
  • Get More Leads, Sales & Get More From Your Customers: Easily Gather Contact Details, Testimonials, Feedback & So Much More...
  • No More Ugly Contact Forms, Boring Emails, Or Time-Consuming Support Tickets: Your Customers & Potential Customers Will LOVE Getting Their Every Message Across Faster, Easier and More Accurately...With Less Hassle & More Fun!

90% Of Your Customers And POTENTIAL Customers

Are Desperate To Interact With You…

BEFORE They Make Up Their Mind To Put Money In Your

Pocket… The Problem Is 99% Of Them Never Will.


Just Imagine...
You are online shopping and you have a
quick question -
You are THIS close to handing over your
BUT - you just have a quick query before
you buy.
You click on ‘contact - (After searching for it
for a while!)
And low and behold, what pops up?
Only a contact form asking for a million
pieces of personal information…

We ALL HATE Boring Contact Forms...

Typing long messages is time consuming and isn’t InterActive.
And it doesn’t give customers the chance to easily communicate the information they need to get across.
Some of us struggle with writing, need to SHOW something or are simply in a pinch for time. (Aren’t we all?!)
And it’s not just these ugly contact forms that are stopping you getting sales…

Your Customers Think Bots Are Boring, Support Tickets Are

Frustrating And Waiting For An Email Response From You Just Isn’t

An Option…

You COULD fill in that boring, tedious contact form…
Or argue with that chat bot that doesn’t understand you.
Or WAIT impatiently for an email response.
But - you won't. You don’t.
You do what 99% of other visitors do - and leave - WITHOUT dropping your message and WITHOUT
And when that happens on your sites, stores and
blogs -
It leaves a hole in your wallet.
You And Your Customers DESERVE Something
Better! Something More InterActive. 
(And Your Pockets Will Thank You For It!)

Luckily, We Have Entered The Era Of The Video Message...

Since the pandemic, everybody from your
granddaughter to your mom, to your brother have
got more used to video messaging online.

They’ve got comfortable. Confident. They realise it’s
an easier, faster, more EFFECTIVE way of

A more interactive way of communicating.

And now - thanks to InterAction, video messaging is
going to revolutionize the way that you make profits,
sales and interact with your customers
It’s MUCH Quicker And LESS Hassle To Give Your Money
From A Site Using InterAction...
Ask Your Question Effortlessly In Real Time Via:




And Buy From THEM Instead.

And With InterAction, We’re Not JUST Giving You

Direct In Page Video Messaging. We’re Giving Your

Customers A CHOICE.

The Truth Is, Everyone Likes Communicating Differently.

And Having The Opportunity For Your Customers To
Communicate With You How They Want To On Your Sites =

Makes The Difference Between Sales & Profits…

And Empty Pockets.
Some customers like being ‘in person’ InterAction has you covered with Video Messaging
Some customers like showing you. InterAction has you covered with Screen Recording
Some customers like talking. ✅ Interaction has you covered with Voicemail

When You Have InterAction - You Have ALL Bases Covered =

Meaning You Never Lose A Customer, A Sale, Or A Dime Ever Again.

80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. Invoca

With InterAction, you will be able to provide a 2-way InterActive

experience for your users, that you will build trust, reputation and

repeat business on autopilot.

Thankfully, Now You Have Access To

InterAction Below, You Can Forget About:

  • Tedious Contact Forms
  • Impersonal Chat Bots
  • Frustrating Support Tickets
  • Making Customers Wait For An Email Response
  • Losing Sales
  • Wasting Traffic
  • And Most Importantly, Losing Profits.

Visitors HATE:

Tedious Contact Forms
Having To Send Emails
Dealing With Bots
Having To Open
Support Tickets

But They LOVE This:



Transform Your Every Site, Page, Store & Blog Into A

Sales & Lead Machine With Just A Single Line Of Code

There Is Nothing Else On The Market Like InterAction
InterAction Is The World's First Software That Puts YOUR
Interactions With Customers (And Potential
Customers!) On Steroids...

And Allows Direct On Page Interactions With LIVE Video

Recording, Screen Recording, & VoiceMail On ANY Site,

Page, Store Or Blog - With Just One Single Line Of Code.

Check Out Our Awesome Video Demo

To See InterAction In...Well...ACTION!

Before now, the best in the industry WAS ‘VoiceMail’ - but that
ONLY does voicemail. 
InterAction shakes up the entire industry with Video Messaging,
Screen Recording AND Voicemail -
Something for every customer, in every situation. 
All in one. All under one dashboard.

And It’s All Done In Just 4 Easy Steps:

Step #1:

Create Your


Step #2:

Customize Your InterAction

Step #3: Add Your InterAction To ANY Website, Funnel, Page, Blog or Store With Just One Single Line Of Code!

Step #4: Get More Sales, Profits & Interactions

#12 BIG Benefits Of InterAction:

InterAction helps you to interact in a more MEANINGFUL and PERSONAL way with the people that really matter. The ones that pay you. Your customers and customers to be…

Customers and potential customers can communicate directly to the website owner, by video message, voice message or screen recording to INSTANTLY:

Select Dynamic field

Not A Gimmick - InterAction Is A Real Life Changing, Business Boosting Solution To A VERY Tricky Problem

  • Ask Questions
  • Get Support
  • Leave Testimonials
  • Share Feedback
  • Share Issues
  • Explain Easier
  • Communicate Quicker
  • No Need To Fill In Any Forms
  • No Need To Leave ANY Contact Details (Unless They Want To) - Which Encourages A TON More Engagement
  • No Need To Nervously Pick Up The Phone
  • No Stress Having To Write Long Lengthy Messages 
  • No Stress Having To Write Long Lengthy Messages In A Language That Might Not Be Their First 

Let’s Have A Deeper Dive Into Some Of
InterAction’s Business Changing Features:

3 Types Of MESSAGES For More Profitable Communication:

Video Messages:

Instantly engage and interact with your audience and let them send you LIVE video messages without leaving your websites or having to install any extension or plugin.

Voice Messages:

Allow your website visitors to send you voice messages from anywhere on your websites simply by clicking a button. Leave & capture live voice messages with ease.

Screen Recording Messages:

Live in the moment by hooking up your website to accept LIVE screen recording directly on any website or page just by clicking one single button. This gives your customers and potential customers the ground-breaking and super convenient experience of being able to SHOW & TELL their message easier than ever before.

And The Best Bit... InterAction Communication Is Three-Way...
Meaning YOU Can Respond To These Messages ANY WAY YOU WANT!




Show Off Your InterActions In-Site Or On-Site…
All It Takes Is Just One Single Line Of Code.

You can choose to embed your InterActions directly into any web page… Anywhere on the page you like! 

Get extra attention by embedding your InterActions as dialogue widgets…. That lets you add your interactions to the sides or bottom of any of your sites.

You can choose to embed your InterActions directly into any web page… Anywhere on the page you like! 

Get extra attention by embedding your InterActions as dialogue widgets…. That lets you add your interactions to the sides or bottom of any of your sites.

Works On ANY Website As It Integrates Perfectly With All Site Builders & Platforms: All it takes is just ONE LINE OF CODE and your InterAction is ready to go on any site, store or blog.

Make Your InterActions Look Perfect For You And Your Brand: Add and change background colors, fonts, font size, font color, position, welcome message, display name and so much more…

Never Miss A Sale Or A Message With Instant Notifications: Have unlimited satisfied customers with instant email notifications with your customer’s message attached - Meaning you can respond super fast and boost your profits.

Keep All Your Messages In One Easily Accessible Place: Get complete control over your received and sent messages (no matter the type!) all in one place. 

Respond At Your Leisure: No need to be constantly online - your video, screen capture & voicemail messages will come through to you both in your email & in your dedicated InterAction inbox, so you can respond at will!


  • Having to pay recurring monthly fees or expensive maintenance costs
  • Having to buy 5 different tools to do what InterAction does. 
  • Having to go through any rigorous setup and installation of anything!

InterAction Is For You -

Whether You Want To Use It Yourself Or Sell It
100% Profit To:

Local Business Owners:

No matter the niche, local business owners can use InterAction on their sites to increase interaction, engagement, sales and profits.


Install InterAction for other marketers and business owners and charge them for the privilege. Pocket 100% of the profit.

Ecom Vendors:

Can use InterAction on their online stores to increase sales. Use InterAction to interact directly with buyers in a more direct, personal and fun way. Persuade ‘on the fence’ buyers, reduce refund rates by dealing with support ‘in video’ and obliterate buyer’s any resistance to handing over their money.

Affiliate Marketers:

Can use InterAction on bonus pages to encourage the people on their list to buy from them. Enable prospects to engage in real time, ask questions and buy quickly.

Opportunity Seekers:

InterAction gives you the valuable opportunity to not only use InterActions groundbreaking interactive tools to increase your own sales, but also make money by installing this desirable tool on other’s sites, blogs and stores and charge them $$$ for the privilege (and of course keep every cent of what you make!)


Use InterAction on your blog to engage directly with readers, get them to sign up for newsletters, alerts or social media and even get direct, instantaneous feedback from readers!

Product Creators:

Get INSTANT testimonials and feedback from Beta Testers right there on the page. No chasing, no uploading, no stress.

And So Many More...
InterAction Is For You.

And There’s More Than One Way To Make Money With InterAction’s Commercial Licence.

#1: Create & Install InterActions For Fast,
Big Cash Injections:

You can sell InterActions for $250, $500 or even $1,000 to clients.

Online and local businesses are crying out for better ways to interact with customers and potential customers.

Make Sure You Are The One To Give It To Them And Pocket 100% Of The Profit.

#2: Install And Manage InterActions For
Recurring Payments:

Get monthly cash on retainer by installing and MANAGING InterActions.

It’s easy money for minimum effort…

And opens up recurring income.

(And let’s face it - all of us need a bit of that right now).

Here’s An Example Of The Kinds Of Businesses
That Are Going To LOVE InterAction…


Can get an idea of their customer’s smile and problem by video message before even stepping foot into the clinic - Meaning they can prioritize & quote more accurately. 


Can hear all about that special occasion in real time as visitors make reservations live via video message. 

Dog Groomers

Can see how big and dirty Fido really is BEFORE making their quote for a wash.

Car Dealers

Customers can leave a video message enquiring about the types of cars they are interested in - and the car dealer can leave a video message in reply, showing them round the cars they would be.

Gyms & Personal Trainers

Can see how fit (or unfit!) a client is before they even meet them, so they can upsell them the right amount of sessions.


Can check out whether they’re going to be selling a palace or a shack before they even waste time setting foot in the home. 


Can get a real-time check in on the length and condition of their client-to-be’s hair, so they can allocate the right appointment time and quote.

Interior Designers

Can see the space they have to jazz up in real time, before they submit quotes and make initial designs.


Can hear all about a guest’s special requests before their stay and make a meaningful connection BEFORE they guest has even entered the hotel. Just imagine how well that would go down on TripAdvisor.

Car Dealers

Customers can leave a video message enquiring about the types of cars they are interested in - and the car dealer can leave a video message in reply, showing them round the cars they would be.

Gyms & Personal Trainers

Plus, We’re Going To Make It Absolutely
Effortless For You To Sell Them…

With an All-Done-For-You, Battle-Tested, Proven-To-Convert Agency Marketing Kit…

Including EVERYTHING you need to pitch, follow up and close a deal every time -

To get new clients who are happy to pay you instantly.

And keep recurring clients paying you - month after this month.

Total Value: $997

But This One-Time Offer Is ONLY For An
Extremely Limited Time ONLY -

And if you want to turn around your profits, sales and engagement on ANY of your sites, stores or blogs.

AND if you want to easily sell these brand new interactive innovations onto needy clients for $250, $500 or even $1,000 a time -

Then you need to click below and secure yourself your copy of InterAction for the lowest price it will EVER be sold for.

The Very Second This Launch Period Is Over, The
Price Of InterAction Will Rise To $197 Per Month

There’s just no way we can keep selling and hosting a premium service like this for a one-time fee.

So by becoming an InterAction profiteer on this page, you are being grandfathered in for just a one-time fee.

For as long as you wish to use and sell InterAction, you’ll never pay another cent again.

  • Helps To Drive More Sales & Leads.
  • Integrate With ANY Websites or Builder (ClickFunnel, Shopify, Wordpress, HTML Websites, etc).
  • Create Your Own Custom Interactive Widgets In MINUTES
  • Capture 200 Interactive VoiceMail, Video Message & Screen Recording on Your Website
  • Create 100 Widgets
  • Embed Widget On 100 Websites Using A.I Generated Code
  • Inline & Dialogue Widget Option 
  • Widget Customization 
  • 3-Ways Interactive Response
  • 300 GB Media Storage Space
  • 500 GB Bandwidth
  • Capture Longer Messages & Recordings (Up To 60 Minutes Per Message)
  • Get New Recording/New Message Email Notifications
  • Inbox, Sent, Bookmark, & Library Management 
  • Full Commercial License
  • Step By Step Tutorial Video.
  • SSL Encryption
  • Bonuses Mentioned
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