March 2

Viral Contest Leads Review and Bonus

Viral Content, Viral Videos, Video Marketing...Is there any real truth to making boring business content go viral.  

I used to think all the hype about Viral Marketing in the business world was pure BS.  Until I experienced the power of getting other to do your marketing for you.

Yes it really is possible to Ethically Bribe other online marketers to spread the word about your product. service or opportunity.  Best of all it works 100% of the time for all business types.

Viral Contest Leads is a Marketing Software that can produce Viral Marketing Magic...​

What Is Viral Contest Leads?

Viral Contest Leads is a web-based tool software that lets you easily create viral competitions, rewards, and sweepstakes. People can join and share your contest by performing all kind of actions on social media. Like Sharing your blog content, Referring a friend, visit your Fan Page, Pin your image, Follow you on Pinterest, Post on Tumblr and more… The more actions they take, the more (entry) points they get and the higher the chance to win the contest.

​Why would you want to run contests?

Create Viral Competitions, Sweepstakes and Giveaways in Minutes

You see if you have a business online, or you hope to start a business online you need to generate lots and lots of leads/prospect every day.  No Leads = No Sales.

Now what most successful internet marketers do is offer an good giveaway in exchange for someone subscribing to there list.​

  • The more subscribers you have, the more money you can make.
  • Once you have subscribers you'll always be able to make money.

If you have a business online, or you hope to start a business online, it is absolutely essential that you have a list of email subscribers.  This is not a suggestion, its the way money is made online.

So why do you need Viral Contest Leads?

Giving away free gifts to generate leads is good.  But having new subscribers share you free gift page to generate more new subscribers is like a marketing magic trick.  You get one subscriber from you direct efforts, then Poof 3 more subscribers join like magic.  

Just imagine being able to turn one subscriber into 5 subscribers without any extra cost or effort.

With Viral Contest Leads you simply create a Contest or a Sweepstakes giveaway and have your subscribers do the rest of the work for you 🙂

​The Power Of Competitions...

Why do competitions work so well for lead generation and customer acquisition?  ​Well, people can't seems to get enough of them.  There seems to be a major trigger in human nature that causes most people to want to win.  Even the possibility of winning gives the average person a jolt of adrenaline

A simple COMPETITION create tremendous desire and commitment to ACT.  That is why I mentioned several times it is pure marketing magic.  There is nothing I've seen the work better the referral based competitions or giveaways to build your business...

If you want to leverage the efforts start generating Viral Leads with Viral Contest Leads today!​



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