The OLD Way Of Generating LEADS Is Dead…

Generate Unlimited FREE Targeted Leads in ANY Niche on 100% Autopilot…and Even Start Your Own 6-Figure Lead Generation AGENCY in minutes

Copy-Paste 1 Line Of Code To Any Website And…

• Create ‘Unblockable’ Subscribe Alerts • Add Website Visitors W/O Asking For Name & Email Address
• Send Leads Customized Messages/Offers Straight On Their Laptop/Mobile Screens

Increase Reach, Revenue, & Re-Target Users On Desktop And Mobile

Convert Visitors Into FREE Leads

With 1-click subscription and no forms to fill, easily convert your visitors into subscribers.

Near Instant Real-time Communication

Push Notifications give real-time access to your subscribers, and instant repeat traffic.

Engage Mobile Users
Without An App

Interact with your mobile visitors directly by sending native notifications - no app needed.

Higher Opt-in and
Conversion Rates

With no personal details required, get higher opt-in and better conversions

Send Personalized Notifications

Target particular individuals by sending personalized offers based on their interests.

100% REAL Hyper Targeted
Automatic FREE Leads

No fake signups or spoofed or undeliverable email addresses to worry about.

Works On Virtually ANY
Website Even 3rd Party

Get signups from self-hosted and even 3rd party platforms like Clickfunnels.

Achieve Open Rates
Up To 80% or Higher

Messages get viewed because there’s no SPAM filter, junk folder, or promotions tab.

Enjoy Conversion Rates
Up To 15% or Higher

Targeted messages + captive audience without competition = epic conversions.

ZERO Competition And
Total Domination

Messages delivered directly to subscribers' devices or browsers instead of crowded inbox.

100% Cloud-Based
and Newbie Friendly

No technical skills required. If you can copy-paste… you’re good to go. Fully cloud-based.

Commercial License - Sell
Lead Generation To Clients

Help businesses generate MORE leads & charge them every month for your services.

Generate An Unlimited Supply Of Targeted Leads In Just 3 Steps…

Create ‘Unblockable’ Subscribe Alerts In Just 1-Click. (copy-paste a line of code to any website)

Website Visitors Subscribe in Just 1 Click WITHOUT Filling Out a Form with Name and Email Address.

Create Messages and Promos and Send Them Directly To Your Leads' Laptop and Mobile Screens

Tired Of Failing Miserably At Generating Leads?

  • NO MORE spending hundreds & thousands of dollars in creating Lead Magnets
  • NO MORE running expensive paid ads on Facebook & other social media platforms
  • NO MORE hiring agencies that promise you the moon & the stars along with Leads
  • NO MORE spending countless hours & thousands of dollars creating videos to get Leads from social media & YouTube
  • NO MORE buying useless tools to create optin forms to collect Leads

Effortlessly Generate Thousands Of Fresh, Highly Targeted Leads Every Day…

  • Turn all website visitors (cold traffic) into hot leads with stunning subscription alerts in a flash 
  • Simply copy-paste a line of code on your website to generate leads without lifting a finger
  • Transform your websites & blogs into a lead generation machine
  • Start a side hustle selling subscription alerts as a service to customers for a one-time fee, monthly fee or a certain amount per 100 leads.
  • Send promos to leads directly inside Eternaleads dashboard for fast and easy sales and commissions
  • All in ONE lead generation and marketing solution.

Your Websites and Blogs Are Leaking Leads, Sales & Profits

Around 5 billion people browse the internet every day.  And on average visitors spend just a few seconds on any website…

If within that time something catches their attention they stay… otherwise they just leave to NEVER come back again

So your websites are leaking prospects every single day because anyone who doesn't buy leaves and you lose the chance to turn them into customers.

This Is The Old Way Of Generating Leads

Show banner asking for name and email address on your website

Visitors fill in the details (sometimes fake info) and click continue

Then they need to go to inbox, open email, and click link to verify

Today You Can Generate Leads ONLY If You Make It Point-N-Click Easy

Now send subscription alerts to your website visitors on both desktop or mobile devices.

These work in real-time and give you a new way to re-engage customers who are already using your website…

… without the need for any personal details like email, name, or other contact details.

Today when internet users want everything point-n-click simple…

… using subscription alerts to add them to your list is the easiest & fastest way.

Because now instead of visitors clicking away and leaving forever, you can turn them into leads in 1 click...

and then promote products to them over and over!

But Creating This Cutting-Edge Tech Yourself Can Be A Painful Process…

(Or Not!)

Here’s What You’re Going To Need To Know Or Learn…

JavaScript on the frontend...

NodeJS on the backend...

ExpressJS for the API...

MongoDB for storing data (using mongoosejs)...

Web-push for sending push messages...


But What If You SKIP All The Expenses & The Headaches…

& Get Started In The Next 2 Minutes?

  • What if you could generate a continuous new stream of targeted leads AUTOMATICALLY without buying complicated tools or paying expensive freelancers & agencies
  • What if you don’t have to beg or bribe for email addresses or get fake email addresses users will never check later
  • What if you can achieve near 100% message open rate, instant delivery, higher click and conversion rates
  • What if you face no competition, no SPAM complaints, no junk folder or promotions tab
  • What if you never have to worry about getting shut down

#1 Auto-Lead Generation System

Put Lead Generation On Steroids


Turn every website visitor into a targeted lead completely hands-free and automatic.


Create alerts asking visitors to subscribe in 1 click without filling in names and emails.


Send offers to your leads in the dashboard to make hands free sales and commissions.

Simply Point-N-Click To Create and Customize Jaw-Dropping Alerts In Seconds…

Create and Customize STUNNING Messages and Promos In Seconds…

Ditch The Competition, Spam Complaints, Junk Folders Or Promotions Tabs…
and Send Messages and Promos To Your Leads Directly On Their Laptop/Mobile Screens

Being Used By Top Marketers & Businesses Around The World…

Auto-Lead Generation • Copy-Paste 1 Line Of Code • Unlimited Sales & Profits

Watch Eternaleads In Action

Get Ready For Jaw-Dropping Results

We setup a simple test and Eternaleads generated 100s of leads automatically...

Then we sent a few test messages and LOOK at the results! 

And we didn't even test, tweak, or optimize yet...  Just imagine the results you'll get when you're really using it!

Achieve Unprecedented Results…

Enjoy Open Rates Up To 80%

The overall average open rate for an email is 16.97%...

Eternaleads helps you increase that by over 370%.

Watch your open rates skyrocket… as your messages get viewed because there’s no SPAM filter, junk folder, or promotions tab to block or divert your messages.

And you know what that means…

more open rates = more people viewing your message = more conversions = more profits.

Boost Conversion Rates Up To 15%

With Eternaleads… you not only have your messages seen by a lot more people… it also boosts conversions.

Where normally conversion rates hover around 2-3%... with Eternaleads they shoot up to 15%.

Again that’s a 5X jump… which means your profits increase by 500%.

How does EteraLead do that? Simple…

Targeted Messages + Captive Audience Without Competition = Epic Conversions

Full-Blown Stats Dashboard

With our pro stats dive deep into how your notifications are performing using measurable statistics like:

  • List growth
  • Growth by website
  • Message views and clicks

… know exactly where your results are coming from and what’s working.

Zero Competition

Eternaleads eliminates ALL competition that you face with other channels of engagement.

Your emails get lost in a sea of other promotional emails & end up in junk or spam folders. Your ads on social media are missed while your audience scrolls newsfeed, photos & videos.

But a personalized message on your screen is impossible to miss or ignore. With Eternaleads your messages are delivered directly to subscribers' devices or browsers instead of crowded inboxes. 

Desktop, Tablet & Mobile SignUps

Works On Virtually Any Website

Get Signups From Self-Hosted And Even 3rd Party Platforms Like These...

Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Messages

Message Mobile Phones, Tablets, Desktops, And Laptops Directly

Real-Time Messaging

Your Messages Get Delivered In Seconds Instead Of Waiting Hours Stuck In Mail Queues. Run Time-Sensitive Campaigns & Create FOMO To Drive Up Sales.

Eternaleads Is Perfect For…

Anyone Looking For A FRESH Supply Of Leads = EVERYONE

Website Owners

Turn every visitor into a hot lead

Digital Marketers

Generate leads and promote products


Turn your readers into your leads


Collect leads and promote your business

Social Media Marketers

Promote your social profiles to your leads

Affiliate Marketers

Promote affiliate offers for more commissions


Advertise and promote anything to your leads

eCommerce Store Owners

Upsell, cross-sell and recapture lost sales

Offline Business Owners

Get more customers for products and services

Increase Reach, Revenue, & Re-Target Users On Desktop And Mobile


Create Unblockable Subscribe Alerts

Use the HTTPS option and make your subscribe alerts “unblockable”.

This forces every visitor to see your alerts… which means you will be able to collect even more leads a lot faster.

This is cutting-edge technology… available ONLY to businesses with deep pockets until now.


Customize Subscribe Alerts Style And Location

You have full control over how your alert looks & where is it placed.  Use box style to stand out, a bar for a more streamlined look, or native style to blend in with the user experience.

Show at the top, center, or bottom of the page. Split test a few combinations to see where you are able to capture your audience's attention in the best way


Customize Suscribe Alerts Appearance

Brand your alerts with color, images & style to match your website theme & help the audience relate them to your brand. You even get to control how exactly when your alerts are shown to your audience…

Show them instantly or appear on a delay. Make them transparent or solid. Use the preloaded message or create your own.  Want to customize the buttons and icons? – Simply point-n-click!


Personalize Messages

Laser-target your messages by segmenting your audience.

Like in just 1-click… you can send your message to subscribers by the site they joined from…

Targeted & personalized messages guarantee higher click and conversion rates.


Customize Messages

Simply drag-n-drop to customize your messages.  Customize headlines, text, images, links, call-to-action buttons, and icons.

Choose up to 2 CTA buttons with different text and links.

Ask your audience to buy then & there or add-to-cart so that they can check out later.

Our Canva-style editor makes it ridiculously easy for you to customize your messages… without any technical or design skills. 


If your business exists in the real world, if it’s not a figment of your imagination, if it has a presence in the market, whether that presence is physical or digital, then it needs customers.

Customers are the lifeline of any business. That’s how you generate sales. That’s how you survive. Lead Generation is the BIGGEST challenge for EVERY business today.

So imagine helping businesses get fresh, highly targeted leads… in exchange for a flat fee or a monthly recurring fee.

Because with access to Eternaleads, you can now convert cold traffic into hot NEW leads effortlessly.

AND, you promote offers to your leads as often as you want to make sales and earn commissions

Generate FRESH TARGETED Leads For Your Clients In Just 3 Simple Steps…

Paste 1 Line of Code
On Your Clients' Website

Watch Your Client Get Leads Automatcally

Get Paid Every Month For Your Service

Get These Exclusive Bonuses When You Get Access Now!


Value $497

The “All-in-one” ad retargeting system that lets you target all the major ad networks and can boost your CTR by as much as 1000%.  All it takes is 3 simple steps:

1. Click on create new audience.

2. Give the audience a name

3. Enter the re-targeting URL from the ad network and the URL of your site.


Retargeting with RetargetALL can boost your CTR by up to 1000% and can boost your conversions by up to 70%, depending on which network you’re advertising on.


Value $497

Analyzes a website, generates an SEO report card based off of a large list of weighted SEO factors, and then it creates an in-depth audit of the URL being analyzed.

Finding all this information and keeping it current is difficult. With SiterankIQ, you can see all of this inside one easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Includes awesome features like SEO score, onpage SEO audit, rankings, traffic estimation, social signals and social page analysis, page speed and load times, mobile analysis and more.

Build Websites With Wix

Value $497

You’ll be able to build your site from scratch. The best thing by far is the fact that you’ll be able to repeat and scale the entire process.  There is no reason why you can’t have more than one site at Wix. You’ll get the hang of it and build more websites.  Remember, the more sites you have, the more likelihood of making money.  

Take Advantage Of All That Wix Has To Offer.

Wix is a great place for inexperienced and professionals to create fantastic sites. Get the most out of what they offer by watching our videos.  You’ll gain vital insider information from professionals who use Wix ever day. They choose to host their sites there and you should too

Build Your Store With Shopify

Value $497

Many online millionaires are making all of their money on Shopify.  

They know the secrets that are in our videos. Shopify has exploded on the internet, and it’s not going to stop any time soon.  They will continue to offer an excellent service to business owners, and it will only expand over time.

The journey begins by watching our videos.  You will then have all the information required to become successful at selling anything on Shopify.  You’ll be able to build your entire Shopify store and send customers to it very quickly.  Our simple to follow videos ensure that you’ll be up and running in a short time.

Rapid Leads Formula

Value $497

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Video Training:

  • How to develop a rapid leads formula.
  • Getting to know the MMO niche and why it's so attractive.
  • How to develop and offer with your best content and advice.
  • What you need to know about content and why it's so important.
  • How to tap into the MMO affiliate networks traffic.
  • The traffic method that are not used by many people.
  • How to collect max leads when setting up your autoresponder.
  • How giveaways work and what are the products you need to use.
  • Learn how to make money on what you give for free.

So Here’s the Turning Point In Your Life…
Going Forward:

Auto-Lead Generation • Copy-Paste 1 Line Of Code • Unlimited Sales & Profits

  • Eternaleads automatic lead-generating software gets leads from laptops, tablets, and mobiles 
  • Generate automatic leads on self-hosted and 3rd party websites (Clickfunnels, Shopify, etc)
  • Customize subscribe alerts icons, text, position, delay timing, transparency, and style
  • Create and send text and image messages and promos to your leads including target URL
  • Promote your websites, social profiles, affiliate links, or any website URL you want to send traffic to
  • Stats dashboard to track performance shows leads per website, messages sent, opens, clicks 


  • Launch Special:  RetargetALL ($497 value)
  • Launch Special: SiterankIQ ($497 value)
  • Launch Special: Build Websites With Wix ($497)
  • Launch Special: Build Store w/ Shopify ($497 value)
  • Launch Special: Rapid Leads Formula ($497 value)


  • Generate automatic leads for clients ($997 value)
  • Send messages / promos for clients ($997 value)
  • Charge clients monthly fees and pocket 100% 

Eternaleads Won’t Remain A Secret For Too Long!

At the moment… Eternaleads is available at a small one-time fee. This is being done to oblige our partners & give their subscribers (that’s YOU) the first-movers advantage.

But as soon as this launch is over - we are going to open this to the public for a monthly recurring fee (even then it’s going to be a steal… given the kind of profits it will help its users generate).

Soon all your competitors will be using Eternaleads and then you will be late to the profit-making party!  Click buy now to avail this once-in-a-lifetime low-cost offer with additional bonuses.

Seal the deal before you lose your edge.

Frequently Asked

  • How easy is it to use Eternaleads?

It is unimaginably easy to use Eternaleads. It is sophisticated but ridiculously simple to use. It is 100% beginner-friendly. You can start generating highly targeted leads within minutes. Age, skill, and experience is no bar.

  • Do you charge any monthly fees?

Not yet… but to support this incredible technology, after this limited period offer, we will be charging a monthly fee. Make sure you buy it at this incredibly low one-time price to save your precious money!.

  • What if I don’t enjoy using Eternaleads?

Our technology is designed to help you profit with incredible ease. We are constantly working to make your experience seamless. In case you still don’t love your experience with us, you can simply ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase. We will process the entire amount back into your account instantly.

  • Will I get any training or support for my questions?

Absolutely. Our team of experts are available to you 24X7 to answer any questions that you may have. Training videos are included within your purchase to make you an expert within seconds. 

  • Is Eternaleads Windows and Mac compatible?

Eternaleads works on most browsers and mobile too (but not iOS right now due to security settings).

  • Do I need to download & install Eternaleads?

Never! You simply have to use the software from any browser. Nothing to download or install. We push automatic updates through the cloud to make your experience bigger and better.