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VidSkippy 2.0


Checkout These VidSkippy Features

Other People's Videos

Just like YouTube ads you can use YouTube videos as a vehicle for your message, ad and Call to action… in fact you can use YouTube, Vimeo and uploaded MP4s.

Imagine the potential: you put your clickable ad inside a trending YouTube video or a viral video… you capitalize on that videos popularity and share it… Imagine how many people will see your ad and your link now!

YouTube style In-stream ads

You've seen them and you know they work right. Set your ads to show Pre-roll (before the video starts) or In-Stream (at any point during the video).

Simple User Interface

Cutting edge and highly intuitive User Interface… we've designed VidSkippy to be so easy to use that most users will never need to watch the tutorials… but of course tutorials are there if you need them.

The mission for us was to provide a simple and effective platform mimicking YouTube ad technology, so our users could capitalise on this proven method incredibly quickly.

Multiple Ads in 1 Video

Again...Just like YouTube ads you can now include more than one ad in any video. In fact you can ad as many as you like... and they don't have to be the same.

New Buttons

Liquid, Rotate & Animated Play Buttons... Plus static and flash (dynamic) in video buttons. Chose from modern flat designs - image buttons, plus upload your own... Full editing suite - change size, position, font, colours, links, timing and more.

You Choose 'Video Thumbs'

You can choose to use the video thumb which comes with the YouTube or Vimeo video you are using, or make yours shine with something unique.

VS2.0 comes with 100s of Images which you can freely use as your video thumb… search through all images or search via phrase.

Youzign compatible… If you use Youzign, VidSkippy has you covered, simply drop in your API and you're ready to roll.

GIFs... choose from our pre-loaded Gif Images which you can freely use as your video thumb… search through all gif images or search via phrase (perfect for Social media interaction).

Webcam Snap Shot... Use your webcam to take a snap-shot to use as your thumbnail

Or upload your own Video thumb… the choice really is yours.

Dynamic eCom Product Box

Elements – In Video Dynamic eCom product Box, Including Full Editing Suite

Button Links

Embed any link pointing to anywhere right inside your video…. Remember you can even drop your raw affiliate links into VidSkippy… and they are clickable!

Animated 'Play Icons'

Animation acts as a psychological trigger. Vidskippy animated play icons entice people to click.

Vidskippy comes complete with 48 play icons in different styles and colours to suite your video.

Unique to you (Remove our Branding)

Use your own domain with VidSkippy 2.0... What does this mean? It means your VS2.0 campaigns are immediately unique to you. So instead of showing VIDSKIPPY.CO in your posts it will show your URL and branding instead.

Other People's Websites

Of course when you have asset and authority online… people in your target market gravitate towards you & buy from you.

But what if you don't have any authority in your target market… what if you don't have a website and don't want to build one… What if you are just getting started online?

We took all these factors into consideration and developed 'Site Jack'. Site Jack (Included) enables you to display your VS2.0 videos on authority website (anyone's website). Think about it… If you were promoting a weight loss product and displayed your weight loss VS2.0 video on a well-known, respected and trusted weight loss website do you think you would sell more?

You already know the answer is YES!!!

Thumbnail Play Icon for Social Media

Social media is a great place to share your projects and is perfect for those just starting out. Video posts are the big winners though. People click video's... so when you share any VS2.0 project on social media you can tell the software to stamp the image thumbnail with a play icon whenever it posts to social media (with 1 click)... This ensures your VS2.0 posts are clicked.

Delayed YouTube Style 'Skip Buttons'

With Vidskippy you decide… use a skip button just like YouTube or choose not to include one. Or use one and set the delay to a time that suites you and you're offer.

Use VS2.0 Without Video Ads

Using VS2.0 means you no longer have to use a video ad if you don't want to. If all you want to do is put a clickable link inside someone else's video you can... there are lots of new elements you can include such as eCom boxes, article boxes, animated characters... you now have complete control.

Live In-Stream CTAs

There is a phrase 'Strick while the Iron is Hot' which encapsulates what you can do with Vidskippy. You've caught the attention of the viewer… just like a TV commercial, but unlike a TV commercial you now have a unique opportunity to sell to them right there and then from inside that video.

That's right Vidskippy In-Video CTAs really are Live… they're clickable from inside the video itself… which means you can make sales and commissions without your prospect ever leaving the video.

You want to add a raw affiliate link as your In-Stream CTA?... No problem, you can do it with VS2.0.

Dynamic Article Box Feature

Elements – In Video Dynamic Article Box Feature, Including Full Editing Suite

In-Stream Ads

Vidskippy enables you to use YouTube, Vimeo or an MP4 as your ad… search for a suitable video via phrase or simply drop the URL snippet into the software

Editable Banner Strips

Edit banner strips to say anything you want… edit banner colours, edit fonts, font colour… you have full control.

Positioning, Time Delays, Stats & More

Decide when your ad will play, when the CTA button appears and where it's situated, Top, middle, bottom… left, right or centre, it's really up to you.

Vidskippy gives you options on nearly every element, so your ads play out just the way you want them to… without issue & without cost


Quick start training menu – Get the best out of VS2, Simply click the marketing route and one of our method specific training videos will stick to the page while you set up your campaign.

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