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Is List Building Dead?

List Building Is Broken ­ Can It Be Fixed?


Not that long ago, lead generation was pretty easy stuff.

Put an optin form on your site and turn prospects into leads.

Of course over time, people got so used to seeing these forms that lead conversion slowed right down.

So pop­up and animation technology came around, and suddenly old school optin forms looked fresh and new. Practically forced people to sign up to your list.

But like almost everything else online, people started getting “blind” to this stuff as well. Site visitors are now so used to seeing ads and optin boxes, they practically ignore them.

Building your list these days is like pulling teeth. Expensive, painful or both.

Good news: there’s a smarter and EASIER way to generate leads.Without paying to drive more traffic.



A technology that both CUSTOMIZES the experience for your visitors AND engages with each one personally.

The psychology behind this tech is PROVEN to convert more site visitors into qualified leads.

And for the first time ever, it’s being made available publicly.

If you understand that lead generation is one of the most IMPORTANT parts of your business…

Don’t want to throw good money after bad on more traffic just HOPING to build your list…

And want to AUTOMATE the entire process of adding quality leads…

Stay tuned for my message tomorrow when I’ll share all the details.

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Beating Super Affiliates At Their Own Game

More Commissions For LESS Effort?


Super affiliate and CPA marketers consistently earn 6 and even 7 figures per year.

Their “secret trick”? Simple. Review sites. They don’t need to be fancy and can literally be set up in a few minutes.

The catch? They use these sites not just to increase conversions, but to build their lists. Not every visitor is going to buy every product. But as more people subscribe, your profit potential goes up.

It’s hardly rocket science, BUT …

Standard list building forms aren’t cutting it these days. They’re boring, cookie cutter and most site visitors are completely blind to them.

To build a monster list of subscribers you can promote to, your sign up forms need to be relevant and compelling.

Customized to every site visitor. When you have a site and optin forms that engage with visitors on a personal level, you win.

And your list grows at an explosive rate. Meaning? You guessed it more sales from every promo, easier than ever before.

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Next generation list building technology, today. Not only do you build your list faster, but you get engaged subscribers anxious to act on your offers.

Proof of real student results all over the page. This revolutionary software is the fastest way to increase your affiliate and CPA earnings.

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Email Marketing Angle


4300% ROI

Damn RIGHT The $ Is In The List!


According to The Direct Marketing Association, the ROI for email marketing averages 4300%.

Simply put? Put a buck in, get 43 bucks out.

But percentages don’t mean squat. Dollar signs do. If your list is only 100 subscribers, you’re not quitting your day job.

Build that list to 1000, 5000 or even 10,000 subscribers? Now we’re talking LIFE CHANGING income.

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No product creation, no gimmicks. And no “boring” sign up forms that consumers completely ignore.

Instead, this is a state of the art technology that interacts DIRECTLY with your traffic and drives more leads from cold traffic than anything else out there.

Massive proof of results on the page.

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Artificial intelligence tech, working 24/7 to build your list on autopilot.

This will build your list. Then use email marketing to crank out 4300% ROI all day long.

Thank me later.

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List Building Angle ­ Full


When It Comes To Lists, Size Matters

DFY List Building Software


“The money is in the list”.

A truer statement has never been made when it comes to online marketing.

More leads translate DIRECTLY into more sales and long term customers.

It’s a simple numbers game.

As we all know, building your list these days is tougher than ever.

Competition. Consumers that completely ignore your lead forms.

Rising cost of traffic and paid ads.

So it’s time to market smarter. Connect with prospects like never before, and make them WANT to subscribe to our list.

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This first ­of ­its kind software combines proven psychology with advanced technology to completely automate your list building.
With smart optin boxes that specifically target different visitors of your site. Showing each user an optin form that appeals to the EXACT reason that person came to visit.

This artificial intelligence software also features automated chat boxes that engage your visitors like never before.

By helping them find what they’re looking for, it keeps them on your site longer.All while collecting their subscriber information.

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Included with this revolutionary software are top converting optin form templates you can customize with drag and drop ease.

Pop­up functionality and animations, all included.

Seamless integration with all autoresponders, website platforms and page builders. 100% mobile responsive so you can build your list from users visiting on any device.

All I can say is wow. You need to check out the demo video to see for yourself what this thing can do.

Your lead generation and long term profits depend on it.

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List Building Angle ­ Short


The Secret To A Bigger, Better List

Automated List Building


Imagine how big and FAST your list would grow if you could make every prospect actually WANT to subscribe?

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This 1st ever software automatically creates CUSTOM lead forms that drastically increase lead conversions.

By completely customizing your website experience for every viewer.And engaging with prospects in a helpful and interactive way.

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You know the one proven way to consistent online profits is to build a list of targeted subscribers.

With this powerful tool, it’s now easier than ever before.

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Traffic Angle


[Traffic] You DON’T Have To Pay More

The #1 Myth About Traffic


More. More. More. When it comes to traffic, most people think that’s what they need. Wrong.

Traffic is USELESS unless it converts. And for my money, I’d prefer to convert my traffic into leads that I can sell to again and again.

There’s ZERO point in wasting more money driving visitors, until you’re maximizing your lead generation.

The profit formula is simple. Traffic + Conversions = Leads and Sales.

Let’s get your conversions sorted.

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Tap into this software, and generate the MAXIMUM amount of leads from your traffic. To any website you send visitors to.

This isn’t another hack or gimmick, designed to ‘trick’ people into subscribing. Instead, it connects with your visitors in a personalized way. And makes them actively WANT to sign up to your list.

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