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The Next Level $ale$ Software Bundle

Tool #1 - BetterDocs

Accelerate The Power Of Knowledge Base With BetterDocs

Create & Manage Knowledge Base Documentations Effectively To Reduce Support Tickets, Increase productivity, Improve User Experience and scale your customer support operations.

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The Word Is Out

BetterDocs already helping over 5000+ small businesses to make their own knowledge base. We are privileged to get acknowledgment and featured in top publications in the industry.

Showcase Detail Information of Products & Services

Instant Answer To Customer Queries By Self-Servicing

Reduce Continuous Conversation On Support Desk

How Does BetterDocs Work?

Stunning Ready Templates

Create a landing page for your documentation page in minutes with the beautiful ready layouts and give it a user friendly look without using any code.

Scrollable Table Of Contents

Generate Table of Content automatically when you use bullet points in help articles & make this TOC moves with the scroll in order to let your visitors always go to other part of docs.

Advanced Customization Option

Customize documentation pages from setting or even add shortcode, page builder widgets and more to get full authority to make it standout for your web visitors.

Insightful Analytics

Track and evaluate activities on your documentation page to get insights about your Knowledge Base and improve user experience by analyzing the traffic.

Advanced Live Search

Assist your visitors to get the exact docs solution and reduce dependency on support with built-in advanced live search option from the top.

Tool #2 - ReviewX

Accelerate WooCommerce Sales With ReviewX

Easily Get Multi Criteria Customer Reviews For Your Products

& Use That To Build Credibility And Increase Revenue 

Why Choose ReviewX

Collect Product Reviews

Add multiple review criteria to get an honest opinion

Showcase Reviews Statistics

Provide graphical data on each product page to build loyalty

Improve SEO Positioning

Google Rich Schema will boost SEO site ranking and conversion

Engage Customers More

Customer can recommend your product to others & increase traffic

Accelerate WooCommerce Product Sale

Multiple Review Criteria

Create multiple review criteria to make your product more transparent for customers to get in details feedback that will help you to improve the product quality.

Customer Review & Ratings

Sort customer reviews & ratings based on recent reviews, photo reviews, text reviews or top-rated reviews to influence visitors instantly to make a purchase decision.

Advanced Graphical Representation

Showcase customer reviews and rating statistics in every single product page of each to enhance the value of a product on the spot.

Social Sharing

Engage with more potential customers on social media platform using RevieX social share feature to boost sales and encourage free advertising.

Theme Customization

Choose different themes for graphical status, photo review style, and customize the color to make customers’ reviews & ratings look standout.

Review Reminder Email

Send a reminder email to your potential customer to give a review of the product they have purchased from your store.

Tool #3 - Templately

Ultimate TEMPLATES Cloud for WordPress

Take Your Favourite Page Builders To A Whole New Level & Manage All Your Designs In One Place With Templately

READY TO IMPORT WordPress Templates

Some Of The Features That You Will Find Inside Templately:

Stunning Starter Templates

Get started with beautiful and easy
to edit Templates

 Integration With Page Builders

Create landing pages with Elementor, Gutenberg and more

Free Storage at My Cloud

Access all your Saved Templates anytime from any device

Tool #4 - EmbedPress

Embed 150 Sources, 15+ Video Sources, 10+ Audio Sources,
5+ Image Sources, 5+ Google Sources, Popular Social Media

All-In-One WordPress Embedding Solution To Fuel up Gutenberg Blocks and Elementor & Improve Storytelling

Why Does Your Website Need EmbedPress?

Using this powerful WordPress embed plugin, get stunning benefits for your brands

Embed Multimedia Content

EmbedPress supports 150+
content sources

Enhance User Experience

Embed audio-visual content to plain
text-based posts

Boost Site Engagement

Create dynamic web pages and reduce your bounce rate

Enhance Embedded Content With Exclusive Features

Take your creativity to the next level using amazing features from EmbedPress

Turn On Lazy Downloading

Enable lazy loading for embedding images on your website so they load fater

Use Shortcode Feature

Use the shortcode feature to embed with your any preferred page builder

Add Custom Branding

Effortlessly set global branding and custom logos for all your content embeds

Seamlessly Embed PDF & Documents Into
Your Website

Embedding PDF files are just a matter of seconds in Elementor, Gutenberg, Classic editor or even Divi page builder with EmbedPress. You can also add a custom logo and call-to-action

Customize YouTube Embeds With
Advanced Features

Display your YouTube embeds just the way you want in your website with EmbedPress

Showcase Popular Social Media Posts On
Your Website

Embed content from social media on your WordPress website at
ease. With EmbedPress, you can embed Twitter Tweets, Facebook Posts, Instagram Photos And Tiktokt videos.

Embed 5+ Google Sources With Customizations

Showcase your Google files directly on your website without any hassle

Tool #5 - BetterLinks

Easiest Solution For Branded Link Management

Boost affiliate revenues & create better marketing campaigns by cloaking and tracking
your links with advanced features

Create Unique, Branded,
Shortened Links

Quickly set up BetterLinks on your website to create and manage short, pretty, branded URLs

Share Your Shortened Links With
One Click

You can share your shortened links from your WordPress dashboard in seconds with just a click

Manage Your Links With An
Interactive Interface

BetterLinks comes with a simple drag & drop interface, which lets you manage your links faster

Generate UTM Code Automatically
In A Second

Just input the parameters in the UTM builder, it will generate & automatically add the code to your URL

Monitor & Track Your Link Analytics

Track your click rate data and analyze it to check all of your promotional campaigns and
measure your success effortlessly with BetterLinks

Install BetterLinks

Search for ‘BetterLinks’ in your WordPress

Download File

Download the installation file from

Activate Plugin

After uploading and installing file just hit ‘Activate’

Tool #6 - NotificationX

Best WordPress Marketing Plugin To
Display Social Proof Popups| & Skyrocket Conversion Rates

Why Does Your Website Need EmbedPress?

Using this powerful WordPress embed plugin, get stunning benefits for your brands

Grab Visitors’ Attention

Show users recent customer activity & get noticed

Build Instant Credibility

Gain their trusts using Social Proof & create urgency

Increase Business Growth

More than 20% increase in sales & engagement rates

Sales Alert

Easily gain trust from website visitor by showing who else also purchasing your product. See it in action.

Blog Engagement

Quickly get exposure and readers to your blog posts by showing the recent comments.

WordPress Review

Showcase your Plugin/Theme reviews from & build credibility.

Notification Bar

Let the visitors know about your special offers, deals, announcement, etc. with a call to action.

Tool #7 - SchedulePress

Automatically Schedule Your WordPress Posts

A complete solution to manage your scheduled posts in WordPress with Schedule Calendar,
Auto Scheduler, Auto Social Sharing and much more.

Schedule Calendar

Manage your content with a great visual calendar. Supports drag and drop organization and you can create new posts right from the calendar.

Auto Scheduler

Get absolute control over your content schedule. Save your precious time and automate all the posts you want to share during your preferable time.

Auto Social Sharing

Share your WordPress blog posts automatically on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Increase your content visibility on popular social media to get more traffic & engagement.

Missed Schedule Handler

WordPress might miss the schedule for a post for various reason. SchedulePress will take care of this to publish the missed schedule.

Automatically Schedule Posts On Social Media

Share your latest blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & LinkedIn automatically or with instant
sharing option to boost site traffic and active readers

Automatically Share Posts On Twitter

Tweet your Scheduled Posts automatically on Twitter with hashtags, use categories as tags or modify the entire social share template the way you want

Automatically Share Posts On Facebook

Enable meta data, choose content type, add categories as tags or modify your post template to share your recent blog posts automatically on Facebook

Automatically Share Posts On Pinterest

Automatically or instantly share your latest blog content on your desired Pinterest board and upload a custom social share banner to make it look more interactive

Automatically Share Posts On LinkedIn

Share your latest posts automatically on LinkedIn with hashtags, categories as tags, enable thumbnail to showcase featured image

Get These Powerful Tools And Maximize The Overall Perfomance Of Your Sites

1 Plugin Installation


We Will Install 1 Plugin Of Your Choice On Your Site

You will be able to choose from the options below:

1. Better Docs
2. ReviewX
3. Templately
4. Embedpress
5. Better Links
6. NotificationX
7. SchedulePress

3 Plugins Installation


We Will Install 3 Plugins Of Your Choice On Your Site

You will be able to choose from the options below:

1. Better Docs
2. ReviewX
3. Templately
4. Embedpress
5. Better Links
6. NotificationX
7. SchedulePress

All Plugins Installation


We Will Install All The Plugins
Listed Below, On Your Site

The following plugins will be installed:

1. Better Docs
2. ReviewX
3. Templately
4. Embedpress
5. Better Links
6. NotificationX
7. SchedulePress