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1. Create an amazon account 

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2. Move out of the Amazon SES sandbox

Click HERE for written instructions and also watch the video below

Copy and Paste the below text for Use Case Description
Subscribers will be acquired with the sign up for our membership site. All subscribers will have agreed to accept emails.

Bounce and complaints will be tagged "do not message" from our Mautic email sending software.

Every email sent will contain an unsubscribe url to allow subscribers to opt out of receiving emails.

I chose a small initial sending limit for 2 reason. The first being is this is a new email list and we will focus first on building a good sending reputation as new subscriber join. Then once that isaccomplished and I will request a higher quota.
3. Email Verification

Amazon will send you an email to authorize the email verification to use Amazon SES services. 
Please verify the email by clicking on the link that Amazon would have sent you on your email.

4. Please send us an email with the following info on
Subject Line: Marketing Automation System Step1
Hi Support Team,

I have setup my Amazon account as instructed,
here is my login info for my account.