Free Tools To Improve Your Safelist Marketing

Attempting to do business without the right tools it almost impossible to perform well enough to make an income.  

That goes for any type of business.  A carpenter, insurance broker or online marketer needs the right tools to create the products, services or opportunities to make money!

First watch this short video that explains how to access the free tools below and how to best use them in your Safelist Marketing.

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Free Safelist Tools

Viral Mail Profits is a big time must have tool for anyone doing Safelist or Viral Mailer marketing.  

This is what ViralMailProfits will do for you:

● Store and manage all your safelist and list builder emails

● Automatically insert correctly formatted personalization tags for each mailer (no more sending emails which say “Hello {firstname}”).

● Automatically create tracker links for all emails, including new links for resends

● Track your clicks and click thru ratio for each mailing

● Tell you when you can next use each mailer (and even send you an email reminder!)

● Give you one-click access to your mailers (no more hunting around for links and passwords)

Viral Mail Profits User Guide

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I'm totally obsessed with finding simple marketing strategies that are applicable by anyone regardless of skill.. My main marketing goal is to find what works best, put it into practice and share them with my readers :) That's why I like to give. Giving is the most powerful marketing and relationship building method period. Thank you for letting me share how I make my online income by giving away premium free goodies. ~Frank Andres "The Giveaway Guy"

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