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Turn Gmail Into A Free Autoresonder

Need to send emails to groups of people from your Gmail account?

Building a mailing list in Gmail is helpful when you’re sending emails to tons of people. As you’re simply adding a contact list to your emails, you won’t have to type out each email address manually.

In this article, I’ll show you how to build an email list in Gmail. I‘ll also show you how to use a free mail merge tool for sending emails to groups.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

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Benefits Of Having A Mailing List

Here are the key benefits of a good mailing list:

1. Time Saving And Easy Communication

Let’s say you’ve got to send an email to a group of 100 members every week. You don’t want to manually type in each email address, every time, right?

With an e-mail list, you can easily send these mass emails in seconds. Instead of manually adding each email address, add your e-mail list to the recipient field. This way, you’re sending just a single email without manually typing in individual ids!

2. Boosts Email Marketing Campaigns

Have you noticed an opt-in form or a sign-up form pop-up when you visit a website?

Opt-ins are an excellent source for building a company’s mailing list database.

Companies always use a mailing list to run their email marketing campaigns. Instead of sending bulk emails manually, these companies use their mailing lists and mail merge tools to do the job for them.

If these companies tried to send marketing emails without their mailing lists, they’d take forever — imagine manually sending an email to 10,000 different people!

How To Build An Email List In Gmail Using Labels

Building a Gmail distribution list is easy with the labels feature.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

Step 1

Log in to your Gmail account and click Google Contacts from the Google App drop-down menu.

Build An Email List Fast

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Free Tools To Improve Your Safelist Marketing

Attempting to do business without the right tools it almost impossible to perform well enough to make an income.  

That goes for any type of business.  A carpenter, insurance broker or online marketer needs the right tools to create the products, services or opportunities to make money!

First watch this short video that explains how to access the free tools below and how to best use them in your Safelist Marketing.

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Free Safelist Tools

Viral Mail Profits is a big time must have tool for anyone doing Safelist or Viral Mailer marketing.  

This is what ViralMailProfits will do for you:

● Store and manage all your safelist and list builder emails

● Automatically insert correctly formatted personalization tags for each mailer (no more sending emails which say “Hello {firstname}”).

● Automatically create tracker links for all emails, including new links for resends

● Track your clicks and click thru ratio for each mailing

● Tell you when you can next use each mailer (and even send you an email reminder!)

● Give you one-click access to your mailers (no more hunting around for links and passwords)

Viral Mail Profits User Guide

Instant Unlimited Facebook Leads

Get FB Lead Finder as part of FB Takeover 3.0 marketing suite

Free Reseller Downloads

You Can Resell These Software As Your Own Products

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  • Install Website Pages
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This Free Offer Is Only For Serious Marketers!!!

This is for Action Takers only.  It take considerable resources to provide these services so please do not request your Lead Magnet Kits system if you are not 100% sure you are going to use it in your business.

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Instant ReSeller Club Review and Bonus

What is the Instant Reseller Club?  And why should you care?

If you marketing online you it is in your best interest to join the Instant Reseller Club​.

Here's Why...​

  1. It's absolutely FREE join
  2. There is $317 in free marketing resources with giveaway rights(see below)
  3. Excellent passive income program
  4. Totally Free Lead Generation System
  5. The Instant Reseller Pro Programs offers resell rights to over 50 premium marketing software and training system.

Here's What's Included In The FREEMUIM Membership

Premium Capture Pages System - Retail Value $ 196

To get the Premium Page Building system 100% free you just need to give away the FREEMIUM membership.  Plus there's a bunch more freebies you get just for joining.

Headline Creator Pro - Retail Value - $27

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You know what I found more amazing than the quality of the free giveaways.  The the FREEMIUM membership allows you to give those same freebies away to build your business!

Yes really you get giveaway rights 100% free.  In 5 years of marketing online I've never seen any kind of free membership that offer that kind of value.  ​

But for the serious online marketer is get way better.  This I where we get to the good stuff 🙂

In order to make the real money online you have to have your own products.  More specifically you need to be in the position to make 100% of the revenue of all the sales you make.  Anything less is an extreme uphill battle.

Just think about it for a moment.  How many sales do you need to make in order to generate a good profit from 4%, 8% 15% or even 50% commissions.  Even when you get half the money there is very little room for marketing and promotional budgets.

The Instant Reseller Club offers the fastest way to get access to the top selling marketing software and training courses at retail pricing.  To get 100% of the revenue and only having to purchase the front end product is unheard of in the Internet Marketing Industry.

​But it best to let the Co-Founder Frank Andres explain it...

It is my hope you see the opportunity that I see here.  It costs between $450 and $1150 to purchase resell rights to the average IM software or IM training course.  By joining the Reseller Partner Pro Program your can buy top selling products for only the front end retail price.

Ok so front end price means the cost of the initial offer.  The average sales funnel has 3 products for sale.  The Reseller sales funnel usuall works like this...

Ok so front end price means the cost of the initial offer.  The average sales funnel has 3 products for sale.  The Reseller sales funnel usuall works like this...

  1. First there is the initial product offer for $47
  2. Followed by the Pro Upgrade of the initial offer - $97
  3. Then Reseller Licenses - 50 - Unlimited - $297 - $997
  4. Average Reseller Licencing Cost - $ 440 - 1100

*prices are base on industry averages

Inside the Instant ReSeller Club you can purchase products for as little as $10 and earn 100% profit on each sale.  Products range from $10 - $97 and there are no upsell.  You get the pro version of any product for the front end price plus earn 100% per sale.

Oh ya, most of the products inside the Instant ReSeller Club are premium products on that are sold on Jvzoo, ClickBank, Warrior Forum and other top affiliate networks.​  No junk PLR only premium marketing software and high end training courses.

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Viral Contest Leads Review and Bonus

Viral Content, Viral Videos, Video Marketing...Is there any real truth to making boring business content go viral.  

I used to think all the hype about Viral Marketing in the business world was pure BS.  Until I experienced the power of getting other to do your marketing for you.

Yes it really is possible to Ethically Bribe other online marketers to spread the word about your product. service or opportunity.  Best of all it works 100% of the time for all business types.

Viral Contest Leads is a Marketing Software that can produce Viral Marketing Magic...​

What Is Viral Contest Leads?

Viral Contest Leads is a web-based tool software that lets you easily create viral competitions, rewards, and sweepstakes. People can join and share your contest by performing all kind of actions on social media. Like Sharing your blog content, Referring a friend, visit your Fan Page, Pin your image, Follow you on Pinterest, Post on Tumblr and more… The more actions they take, the more (entry) points they get and the higher the chance to win the contest.

​Why would you want to run contests?

Create Viral Competitions, Sweepstakes and Giveaways in Minutes

You see if you have a business online, or you hope to start a business online you need to generate lots and lots of leads/prospect every day.  No Leads = No Sales.

Now what most successful internet marketers do is offer an good giveaway in exchange for someone subscribing to there list.​

  • The more subscribers you have, the more money you can make.
  • Once you have subscribers you'll always be able to make money.

If you have a business online, or you hope to start a business online, it is absolutely essential that you have a list of email subscribers.  This is not a suggestion, its the way money is made online.

So why do you need Viral Contest Leads?

Giving away free gifts to generate leads is good.  But having new subscribers share you free gift page to generate more new subscribers is like a marketing magic trick.  You get one subscriber from you direct efforts, then Poof 3 more subscribers join like magic.  

Just imagine being able to turn one subscriber into 5 subscribers without any extra cost or effort.

With Viral Contest Leads you simply create a Contest or a Sweepstakes giveaway and have your subscribers do the rest of the work for you 🙂

​The Power Of Competitions...

Why do competitions work so well for lead generation and customer acquisition?  ​Well, people can't seems to get enough of them.  There seems to be a major trigger in human nature that causes most people to want to win.  Even the possibility of winning gives the average person a jolt of adrenaline

A simple COMPETITION create tremendous desire and commitment to ACT.  That is why I mentioned several times it is pure marketing magic.  There is nothing I've seen the work better the referral based competitions or giveaways to build your business...

If you want to leverage the efforts start generating Viral Leads with Viral Contest Leads today!​